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Freedom Life Journey Podcast

Oct 8, 2018

TV Therapy: How screen time is stealing life out of your years
Jamie and Ruthie Slingerland share insights on the opportunities missed by filling our life with unlimited screen time, help you identify if this is an obstacle, and how to start change. 
The Nielson Research Group says the average American watches an average of 4.5 hours of tv a day. A couple could be spending over 60 hours a week on tv and missing out on the potential of making $1500 a week if you were paid $25 an hour. As a culture, we numb ourselves with shows and fill the silence of our homes with tv.
What's the opportunity cost of tv watching? What could you do with the hours? What business idea, dream or skill are we not investing in because of the time we're spending on tv?
Jim Rohn talks about what our tv cost us. Rohn says: "What did your tv cost you?" "$500." Rohn responds: "I think your tv is costing you a lot more than that."
You have the choice to establish your own culture. TV therapy is not the kind of therapy you need. You're looking for love, peace, comfort. Go to God.  This is the shift that is going to be worth the pain.