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Freedom Life Journey Podcast

Aug 17, 2020

In this episode, Jamie and Ruthie share a process of 5 simple steps to achieving a goal. Instead of calling this goal-setting, they  call it "going after what you want"

Step 1: identify what you want. This first step is crucial. Be specific and define it. Example. I want to lose 10 lbs by September 1st, or I want to sell my car by next week.  


Step 2: Research/resources

A. Learn about the topic

B. learn about the Obstacles 

C. Time & Investment. (What is the cost of pursuing your goal)

D. Who's done this well? Find the others and mentors that will help you on the journey.

Step 3 Commit to the plan.

At this point, you can choose to step back or commit.   If you are committed then you're all in! Use the words "I commit" Those words are powerful. Congratulations!

Jim Rohn says " If you really want  to do something you'll find a way or you'll find an excuse."


Step 4 

Work the plan- Trust the process you built intentionally. 

This is the step where the work is done. Don't overthink the outcome. Yes, it's ok to desire the goal but focus more on what you can control. Work on the daily and weekly tasks in the plan. You can't guarantee the results but you can control what you do now! Walk in integrity and do the simple small tasks you put in your plan.


Step 5

Evaluate & Celebrate

Course correct the plan as you learn what works. Iterate  your daily and weekly tasks.  Also celebrate!  Reward yourself as you move through the process.