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Freedom Life Journey Podcast

Aug 3, 2020

Are You a Victim or are you a Person of Action? 
Exploring Our Post-Pandemic Mindset and Changing it for Good
"Something bad happened to me!" We can process the emotion in the best possible way.
We all have a person of action and a victim inside of us.
When a problem comes, we can blame others. 
But if we choose to become a person of action we decide this is OUR problem. 
Making the shift out of the default victim to the transforming Person of Action.
  1. Notice when you're taking the victim role. The clues can show up in your body: tensed jaw, tight shoulders, upset stomach, etc. Coping with stress can also show up in eating junk food and treats. Maybe you're looking outside of yourself for a solution or begin blaming others. Instead ask yourself "How can I move forward?"
  2. Be vulnerable. Share how you're feeling with a significant other. "What am I going through right now?"
  3. Ask better questions. "What does this make possible?" "What would someone I admire do in this situation?'
What are we responsible for? There are things outside of our control but we have control over a lot if we change our perspective. We can take some action and take a different approach.
Our Amazon products were deemed non-essential and our income was on hold as a result of Covid-19. 
Example of unhelpful, victim questions: "Why? Why me? Why is this happening? Why is this happening to us?"
We had to accept our situation because there was nothing we could do about it.
Our Airbnb was also shut down as U.S. travel came to a halt. 
We were victims of the pandemic, losing our livelihood. 
Maybe you too are in the middle of a trying, difficult circumstance. It's still possible to make progress while frustrated. Grieve with personal responsibility. Acknowledge the emotion and also ask "What's my next step?"
Bad things happen in life and we respond to it in the most honoring way to yourself and the people around you.
We'd love to hear from you! 
How have YOU overcome a victim mentality? How have you been a person of action? 
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Overcome difficult circumstances. Choose to be grateful. Take positive action.