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Freedom Life Journey Podcast

Sep 24, 2018

Why Travel: In this episode. we talk about the value of travel. 


Why is travel a part of a freedom-filled life? 


Travel is important to us as a couple and as a top value for our family.


Before we were married, travel was an important thing for us as individuals. Once we were married travel was more difficult but we cleaned up our consumer debt and slowly started to travel.


We began traveling regularly in 2013. Before they knew how to travel as a family, Ruthie took her father to Israel for his 80th Birthday and Jamie went to Spain with his uncle and walked The Camino de Santiago.  Now we have taken over 50 family trips in the last 5 years.


Roger Whitney, The Retirement Answer Man Podcast: The number one thing people want to do when they retire is travel.


bob goff’s book “Love Does”. 


Speaking to your spouse about how important travel is for you: 

What are the reasons you’d like to travel?

Why would you want to travel?


We travel to connect with people in a deeper way.

We travel to enhance our children's education as we homeschool.

We travel to live our dream, live out of our heart and be true to what God's placed in us.


Where does travel lie on your list of values?

If travel is more important to you, how can you make it happen?

We can do this in 35 years or we can get creative and do it now with our children as a family.


Featured Resource: How to have your best family trip ever! Guide. To download go to