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Freedom Life Journey Podcast

Jan 23, 2019

You know what it feels like to walk in the dark? How trekking through a new forest at night without a flashlight can send a chill down your spine? 

You hear shaking in the trees or a howl in the distance.

Not to mention, you don’t know where your headed and can’t see where you’re going. This is how it feels to go through life without a mentor.

A few weeks ago, we read a “Create your own Adventure” book to our four children. It was all about this group of young hikers going up Mount Everest.

They were skilled at hiking but new to Everest. If they hiked alone, death was inevitable. So they needed a guide, a mentor. In mountain climbing, it’s called a Sherpa.

Mentors can serve as guides or sherpas in any area of our life.

In this week’s podcast, we talk about how important is it to seek out mentors. In our life, we’ve had all types of mentors. 

Just to give you an idea, here’s a list of a few:

Physical Health
Sports or Hobbies

If you feel like you’re walking through life in the dark and alone, listen to this week’s episode The Value of Mentorship. 

You’ll learn why finding a mentor is not only important but a must if you’re looking to build a strong foundation for your family and business.