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Freedom Life Journey Podcast

Feb 11, 2019

On this Valentine's Day episode, Jamie and Ruthie share why it's vital to the health of marriage to date on a regular basis. Together they discuss: 

  • Why important things, like dating your spouse, gets pushed aside. 
  • The excuses we tell about dating.
  • Zig Ziglar's quote on teeth reminds us that just like we undervalue our teeth, we may be undervaluing our marriages: "Only brush the ones you wanna keep." Jamie says: "Only date the wife you wanna keep."
  • Stop right now and make an appointment with your spouse to talk about what dating can look like for you two. "What gets scheduled gets done." -Michael Hyatt. Start where you are. Make it as important as physical health.

Resources mentioned:

Andrea & Joel Higgenbotham: Dating Deck Cards

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